clear pop cans

Product: Elisha Aebrated Mineral water
Level of coolness: "Hey! Where you get that?" from most people.
Food Value: Cold drink that stays with you.
Price: 99 cents Canadian
Found: King Wai, London, Ontario
Link: None Known

First thing when I saw this, I knew this was an eyecatching product. Clear plastic cans with an aluminum lid. However, when opened it didn’t have the fizz as accustom with regular pop drinks. This is purely mineral water which takes some getting use to. I found the drink staying with me for the rest of the day which I found discoursing but I drank it like pop, not like mineral water, which should be drank with a meal. Another friend found he had a headache after a short time after drinking the peach drink.

One other “down side” is the tab comes clean off leaving with some untidy garbage of a sharp edged tab to get rid of. Still this wonder from orient is amazing though a novelty.

… originally posted in bentoOTAKU, October 20, 2003