While attending MET miniture show at JCCC in Toronto, I came across one of the smallest wonders. A complete sushi bar restaurant including miniture sushi dishes. The creation of miniSQUARE, the decor was exacting. While others at the miniture show specialized in doll houses and gradens, this was delightful change of pace.

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Details of inside of sushi bar restaurant by miniSquare

They also had several of the restaurant’s items for sale as well as noted below. Made with fumo type clay, this is smallest bento box I’ve have ever seen. However, this work of art costs. This bento model cost $30.00 Canadian and comes with miniture chopsticks.

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serving of soba with wasabi and sauce

Of course, there be those who could disput this claim being the smallest bento in the world. It is surely a treat to find.


miniSQUARE Makers of small and tiny.

MET or Miniture Enthusiasts of Toronto, hosts of the show

JCCC or Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Location of the show – plus an excellent place to learn Japanese culture.

…originally posted in bentoOTAKU, October 21, 2003