When you thought there wasn’t any cool games outside of video games and Collectable Card Games (CCG), along comes another reason to wish for more. The base click miniatures have adapted to the Digimon world.

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Detail close ups of Digimon figure

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Detail of bottom of figure

Rather than go for the round base, the Digimon version has opted for hexagonal base. Also there are three options for each miniature, (A, B, C) with various health points. The dial also can be set to 12 variations with varied attacks. Interesting to note that points cost, noted on bottom and not top; is the same. Also this figure has attack sides while other ‘clics’ we’re used to have arcs.

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Scans of booklet that came with figure.

The booklet seems to cover the basics of the game though I don’t have multiple of these ‘clics’ to actually figure out how game play is. If anyone is up to translating these instructions, I’ll see about appending this article with credits to those who do.

Digimon is copyright Bandai Entertainment. Article only for review purposes.

…originally posted in bentoOTAKU, October 24, 2003