It had to happen or more like it did happen. A cross over or is it cross dressing of gendres. Such was the case with Gundam and Sailor Moon franchises owned by Bandai. In this case, the series G Fighter Gundam was Bandai video arcade fighting series. Gundam’s of all nationalities competed on now devastated Earth to be top Gundam and prevent war by turning it into a sport. (No word, on whether it was Pay-for-View.) Even Canada had it’s own Gundam .. a lumberjack. (Obvious someone in Japan is a fan of Monty Python. 😛 )

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Nobell Gundam or ‘Sailor V Gundam’ as I like to call it. Comes in a stylist package which doesn’t really stay put. Taped together with parts tape into two clear plastic trays.

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Of course, Sailor V, er I mean Nobel Gundam comes with a alot of accessories that no feminine giant robot would dare be without. Like Ribbon sword, stylist pink whip, change of hair and a mobile stylist to be there in the midst of a fight.

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Hair on a Gundam? More like style statement for flying into battle like some craze valkryie. Her back sash is replaceable with a rocket pack.

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Why not carry this crossover madness into the new series, Gundam Seed? Above is an idea how this would go. Unfortunately I think it would go poorly.

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…originally posted in bentoOTAKU, March 14, 2004