Another public service announcement…. If you’re waiting to see anime in theaters here as they do in Japan. Good luck. The only theater that is showing Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence in the Toronto area is in Markham. With such a poor choice of venue and pathetic single theater in a city which has redefine film industry and large anime fan base, this is horrendous. UTARPA has supplied us with the phone numbers of both DreamWorks (416) 513-0317 and Allied Advertising (416) 413-0557 for fans to call and complain.

Of course with Toronto having one theater outside Toronto, what chances is there for a London release? There is rumored that a theater will be carrying it. Though Rainbow Cinema won’t be carrying it for another 3 months. With a release date of October 29th, that will put it into January. If so, it will be part of the art films. Since Rainbow has showed both Tezuka’s Metropolis and Cowboy Bebop movie, the chances are high. Still it leaves me to wonder if the Appleseed 2004 movie will suffer the same fate. Please make your voice known.

…originally posted in News, Oct. 16th, 2004