Another year upon us, a year of change. Last year, we asked ‘Can London support an anime con?’ With great regret, alot of promise and opportunities can and went. Things didn’t go as expected for some. However, Ontario will have several new anime events this summer. As for Anime London, we haven’t forgotten that question, nor it’s answer. However that answer belongs to the anime fans in London Ontario.
To this end, we planning several open quarterly events with other local groups. More of a ‘get together’ than a ‘event’. It was such a ‘get together’ that spawned AnimeNorth. First event we are considering is a spring festival. For summer, a ‘ketto’ an anime ‘zine’ fest. For fall around Halloween, a cosplay event and our ever popular Christmas Party. These events won’t happen with your help. I know alot of Anime London webfans may not attend or be able to come but then that is why I go to conventions … to meet you all. See ya in the coming year.
…originally posted in News, Jan. 11, 2005