Well the stats are in for last month and it’s impressive.

Monthly stats

Yep, March was great. Largely due to Spring Toronto Anime Con on the 19th and 20th. First time, visits overtook sites. Largely due to bots like Yahoo swiping pictures for their search engines. In using ‘robots.txt’ which tells search engines where they can’t scan help changed the stats. For more information on robots.txt check out Search Engine World (Note: Site no longer available) for an excellent tutorial on the subject. (Note: do a websearch for robots.txt)

Daily Usage

As for the impact advertising at conventions can make the daily stats were an eye opener. Alot of people logged onto the site right after leaving the con. For those thinking of promoting your own site, this means you have to have something up for your visitors to look at. Else you risk loosing the opportunity to gain new browsers.

The sad part, hardly anyone ever leaves feedback so you can never tell how you’re doing. We couldn’t until the server installed Webalizer from which these graphs were created.

…originally posted in News, Aprill 2nd, 2005