Another year has passed and another project to keep my already busy schedule even more hectic.Manga Jam was run by our lovely Amy for over a year with no results or promotion, Sadly the turnouts have been more no shows than actual people showing. In a bid to save the JAM, I’ll be running it for the next few months. We’ll have manga and other books to read for review. Also we’ll have writing contests. Of course we’ll have the drawing part of the JAM as well.

I also will be attending cons. Not all anime. Recently I have been going back to my artistic roots and attending comic cons which now include manga books which go far more cheaper than anime cons. 4 KOMA project has proven a hit with artists of all fields.

Also we are being MORE supportive of other groups like London Comic Jam and Cinema Subterrain which also has meetings in town.

Plus the usual cosplay photos from cons and bimonthly reviews of the latest animes. Not to mention some upcoming articles for bento OTAKU. I’m way behind on things so maybe this year, I catch up to all those little projects that have been the backburner for so long.

…originally posted in News. May 1st, 2005