Good Friday … Good Grief! I stopped in the check the Underground only to find it, under water! Yep! The annual thaw means the basement becomes a catch basin. By moving all the tables and chairs to one side, I was able to use a pushbroom to push the water to the drain. Still after several hours, I’m not sure if all this hard will last until monday’s meeting. In case, we might have to make change of location to Webst@tion on Dundas Street. Else we have to cancel until next month.

I might have to propose with the comic store if we can build a false floor using skids from work and plywood for temporary solution. If we go this route then we’ll need a work crew and use of a truck to transport the skids, some pieces wood to level the floor and of course plywood. If that fails, we might have to look elsewhere for a pernament and dry home for the club meetings.

…originally posted in News, May 25th, 2005