Saturday I checked again and the water was still creeping in. Later that day, the water had made some advance to be worry of. I took out the shop vac this time and sucked up all the water I could. Still it seemed water was still making it’s way through the wall.Then Sunday … I checked later in the day to get an idea of what accumilated in 24 hours. The answer, very VERY little. Hallelujah! Slight puddle in the far back which might be accounted for what was left. Still the main area was high and dry. This means that we will not be using Webstation which would have been an added cost and not guarenteed. Frankly I was tempted to cancel but unless something happens at work and I have to stay late, we’re good as go. Else I will ask the owner’s to put a sign on the door to announce the meeting cancelled.

…originally posted in News, May 27th, 2005