It seems that there is always something to fix on this website. The problem is finding the time to fix it. Recently I went to Toronto’s Infamous Computer Alley, aka Spadina and College St heading west. You can’t go 2 doors down and not hit a computer store so it seems. It also means spending the afternoon and a few dollars on tech stuff. One of those things was a 256M USB flash drive. Since the webspace is suppose to be 250 megs, I figure I had enough space on the flash. Nope. The website is over 256M but that doesn’t mean I have to put the site on a diet. I also got a 512M USB flash drive for really cheap which I was planning to load DSL (linux) onto it. Both come with a handy detachable neck strap. What this does mean that I can edit and add to the site in break time. It’s alot easier to access than CDRWs whcih I have been using. Some of the stuff I been wanting to edit is simplify the ‘bentoOtaku‘ area to directory of just ‘bento‘. The name of the section will remain though I’ve long wanted to add ‘Project‘. Project would cover making things like displaying PVC anime figs, with backgrounds. One project is tea house with various characters meant for a shelf display. While the other articles are self contained, Project will be ‘work in progress’ with update articles and such. Hopefully, you will get some ideas for making things yourself with ‘bento project.’

… Previously posted in News Sept 29, 2005