I usually don’t write about my non-anime trips but this time it turned into one. Most times I there for cheap media as mentioned Computer Alley. I stopped into various comic stores as well like 3rd Quadrant on Queens St W for any more info on upcoming Festival of Sequential Arts.

There was a flyer on manga-comic event hosted by The Beguiling and Toronto Public Library. Since I already had planned to go to Metro Miniature show at JCCC, it got to be a busy transit day. I quickly hit College street stores and made some purchases then headed up to JCCC to catch the show and miniSquare (Smallest bento). There was some stuff I found for upcoming bento OTAKU article. I raced back downtown to Bathurst Station to catch the very last of ‘Triple Treat.’


Adrian Alphona
Ken Siu-Chung
Udon Comics
Svetlana Chmakova
Arriving too fashionably late, I did manage to snag a sketch from Ken Siu-Chung.
I knew Svetlana Chmakova from a friend who discovered her work years ago. When asked if both herself and Ken would be open to coming to London to a similar event at London Public Library. They both though it was a great idea depending on the time of year. With more libraries both public and school boards buying manga to attract readers, I expect events like this one to become more and more popular. For me it was a real triple treat, media, miniatures and manga. Check out www.torontocomics.com for more future details in the Toronto area.
… originally posted in News, October 15, 2005.