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Baka! No Con

Con no Baka ended suddenly Saturday evening for whatever the reason. I still had a good time in spite of it all. Meeting people from Windsor and Winnipeg. How this event will affect other cons in upcoming year? That is a good question.

…originally posted in News, Novemeber 26th, 2005


Con no Baka

I’m not always the last to know but I found out Con no Baka was on this weekend. Even though I have a cold, I will be making it Saturday, I hope.

…originally posted in News, November 25th, 2005

Annual Store links

Stores link is once again available from the front page. No date yet set for Christmas party this year. The video projector project is dead since it will be leaving sometime. Another project I have been working on, is a podcast for Anime London website. While progress is slow as I work out the technical details. Target date is for beginning of March for this section.

…originally posted in News, Novemeber 24th, 2005.

Big Screen – Big Deal

With some spare time, I manage with permission to get the large tube video projector of Cinema Subterrian’s working. Though there is still some issues with the projector. Part way through one show, the focus would blur then a couple of minutes later stablize. It was enough to abandon the projector for the regular TV as members crowded around my small portable LCD screen. It’s not the end of the projector but it means some more work and replacing one of the connectors on the back. It was disappointing but it help kill some time and brought back some of my electronic and trouble shooting skills.

Big Screen

Hopefully I’ll have things fixed in the future.

…originally posted in News, November 14th 2005