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Price of progress

Things progress slowly as usual. Largely due to painting and new flooring being put into my place. Still making progress with the mobile browser friendly version of this site though I’m still trying to learn the quirks of XHTML and style sheets. Still haven’t got the WML version of the site online though the html version is working. I’ll post the links once both are working. Why have a mobile browser version of the site even it means doing everything couple of times over? Simply for experience and presence on the web. What I’m learning about XHTML, XML, WML and what other stuff helps improve the site overall. It’s beats being complacent.

…originally posted in News, January 25th, 2006


First View – Black Cat

Black Cat

“It’s got interesting characters and great atmosphere, with a perfect blend of dark and light but it doesn’t give many clues to relationships between characters. So who knows what the story potential is.”

– Doug

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First View – Mushishi


“Beautiful music, superb animation, pleasant designs and gorgeous scenery. Very Miyazaki-esque. A slow and drifting story that moves like beautiful poetry. Definitely a winner in my opinion.”

– Vigi-Kami

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Site updates, blogging and podcasting

I’ve started with news for some format changes. Not much other than getting rid of use of tables to format the page. Instead of the complete overhaul which would take months, I will be just reformatting new pages or pages updated like ‘news’. Also I’ll try to make the pages a little more linear in navigation. As mentioned I have been playing around with formatting the website for cell phone browsing. Also I will have a BLOG section which I plan to update directly from my cell phone right from the con this year. It will also be a soap box for certain topics and rants.
Also I’m finally getting into ‘podcasting’ in the form of an audio drama of my own creation.

…originally posted in News, January 3rd, 2006