Well, if trying to do too many things at once wasn’t bad enough. I picked up an issue of PC Format with blogging software. Just looking but everyone loves a blog. I look at the possibilities and the headaches. Nothing here that can’t be found here in this page though a bit automated. I yet to determine if the software can be configured to one section or formats the entire site. Most of what I read says entire site. Check out WordPress to see what I’m talking about.
I dug out my Power Power CCG game deck. I was planning an article on this cute nekomimi card game for ages. Unfortunely it’s 8 years old and POPLS no longer supports in on their webpage. Still I’ve scanned the deck at LOW resolution and looking for a way to display each card and info when the cursor passes over it. Some of the artwork was done by TRUMP which is one the guest 4 koma artists.

…originally posted in News, February 1st, 2006