Well, working with WordPress was easy. Sad to say that this spells an end to news section of the site. It was and is still one of the top ten entry URLs on this site but always a pain to update. I’ve yet to integrate http://blog.animelondon.ca/ or http://www.animelondon.ca/blog/ into the site menus since that would take a lot of changes. I might use redirection to make sure people see the changes. I’ve already added an events calendar onto the blog. Expect more tweaking as I try to see how much I can integrate the blogging software to the rest of the website.

Other news, apparently a British convention is using the name ‘Anime London’ to redirect people to their con overseas. Please remember it’s http://www.animelondon.ca/. I’ve already sent an email to see if something can’t be worked out. It looks like a good con. Too bad it’s half a world away and on the same time as Anime North.
Side note: Someone else has decided to highjack Anime North’s name for some online store on .CA. Remember it’s http://www.animenorth.com/ for the correct URL.

…originally posted in News, February 10th, 2006