My view Feb. 17th 2006

Sad to say this is the view from my living room. It’s not much more without the curtains. My apartment window has beautiful view of the driveway. Unless you like people walking by looking in, a heavy curtain was all I could come up with.

The window is rather large. Nearly 7.5 feet wide by 41 inches in height. With landlord finally getting around to painting and redoing the floor, it has me deciding to do a extreme makeover to the whole apartment.

So what can you do with a window you can’t really have open view? For one, make one.

The window has 5 inch depth. So instead of blinds, I thought of doors. More precisely Japanese style paper panels. If I set a major panel against the window and two sliding panels on each side, it might actually look cool.

With the 5 inch space opening I could suspend acryllic shelves with wires and place some anime figs in a display format. Hmm…

Maybe then my view wouldn’t suck so bad eh?