PowerPower Card Game

Sometime ago I had bought this Nekomimi (werecat) fighting game in hopes of learning enough Japanese to learn how to play it (or at least write comprehensive article on it.) Time marches on and not even POPLS support this game anymore on their website.

What I have found is you raise a nekomimi from infant to catwomanhood through many trails. Usually brought onto by the other player. There is green Territory cards, Blue Events cards, Pink Item cards, Orange Fight cards, Red cards that look like disadvatange cards and a single Yellow Talent card.

There are 5 token cards to represent your nekomimi in various stages during the game. Each card gives advantages or disadvantages to the advancement of your nekomimi.

I still like the art with the deck including the fact that one of the artists TRUMP also did started one of the 4 koma panels, Ronin.

If you are lucky to find any cards to Power Power ver. 2 Second Edition, I envy you. Especially if you manage to get a copy of Ver. 1 which was only sold at Komiket. More PowerPower to nyan!