I stopped by the Underground where we hold our anime meetings to do some courtesy cleaning of the place and take out the trash for the upstair staff. The Underground has always changes with the climate and winter is no different. It’s cold down there. Today, I found out why.

While doing customary checks of the exits I noticed a rather large opening above the rear exit. It was an exhaust fan but also it was open to the elements letting warm air out and freezing cold in. Further inspection with the store owner comfirmed that the opening was never winterized. No wonder it was freezing cold. BRRRR!
Hopefully Wednesday, the opening will be sealed as it should have been last fall. Adding much needed heat and lower heating costs to the owner. Not to mention more comfy warmth for the patrons for L.A. Mood and comfort for all the groups using the Underground. I’m surprised that no one has noticed it before.