I had backed up the pictures from Saturday but I gave up trying to get the video encoded around 1am. I decided to get up early and try again. I manage to get the encoding working but if I waited for the buffer to process the Digital Video. I would miss my 8:30am bus. I deconnected the camcorder and let the computer finish the process. It did with a 6gig file. I once again re-encoding the video again but in sections.

I will be struggling in the next few days to get things done as the landlord is working on my apartment and a meeting this Monday night.

I was surprised at the number of camcorders at this year’s Cosplay Idol though not everyone seemed to be recording all of the event. If I do this again, I can see needing two camcorders. One to take stage shots and one (in the front row) to take closeups of the judges.