For the longest time, I felt like cosplaying. The question is what. I thought of Mahou Sensei Negima as good character and got as far as making his glasses … and no further.

I was impressed with R.o.D. second series and thought …

“Wow! That be cool to do live … if I could pull it off.”

Well. I’m going to try. After meeting with some members of London Magicians Guild at Covent Garden Market, I decided it is a do-able project. After all, Magicians are the masters of the Art of Illusion and quite the bit of tinkers. With their auction in April, I picked up a few books on bid. I now wished I bid on the decks of cards.
Last night with some scrap material, I worked out the mechanism for the bow and went out today to look for some more materials for the arrows. The paper tiger will be a pain to create. (You think I jest.)

I expect to have at least the bow and arrow working by AnimeNorth. I have doubt about having the card tricks ready by then. And No Amy, I won’t be dressed as one of the three paper sisters, as you suggested. 🙂