I returned from this event and which was larger floor space and more people were in this year’s Artist Alley. Some had noticed that it was smaller attendance but there was a different make up to the crowd. I certainly notice parents bringing their kids. A positive sign at least. There was less of the anime, manga this time around though I did get some photos of a couple of cosplayers.

Last year, I set a record of four full 4 Komas (Japanese style 4 panel comic strip). This year I fell short of 3 with one strip being two panels short. I’m surprised at some of the pros wanting in on the 4 koma. The 4 Koma Project was intended to be an open challenge to keep young artists drawing. Maybe because it such an open format. It might be that I don’t dictate the content to the artists other than remind them that Anime London is viewed by all ages.

I will try to get these 4 komas up soon for your enjoyment.