As a webmaster, I get alot of spam …and I’m getting tired of it. As much as you try to block it… it still comes. Once you figure out one way of getting rid of it… another ten pops up. Much as it is in the newgroups… except for one. As an anime fan, I frequent the newsgroup, The group kept it pretty well clean except for spammers. Everything from viagra to unmentionable was spammed there. Until…

I mentioned in a post that it was pointless to try to take out a spammer’s account since he just get another somewhere else. My idea was if the spammer had NO website to spam FOR, he had no reason to spam. The idea caught on like wildfire amoung the hidden numbers of lurkers to the newsgroup. Some even posted not only the site info but the webhost info and their uplink suppliers including email addressses for people to complain. In less than a month, maybe couple of weeks at most, the spammers blacklisted that newsgroup and left. Sure number of posts were drastically down but they were actaul posts that belong there.

Actually I was glad to hear that Mighigan viagra spammers FINALLY got caught. They were a bain and quite militant. They would post dummy articles to prevent anyone who protested thei activities from being posted. Particularly when they meantioned the FDA or accused them of what they did do with credit card information.

For a while, I complained to my own email spam to the webmasters of their origin but since some spammers were running their own email servers, that was moot. As it is I’m getting meails on software and drugs. Thankfully my blog software puts comments on moderation until I allow them through. I’ve only had one which got deleted.

I even had one gambling site tried asking for ad space. I wrote back that since my anime site might be accessed by minors that avertising gambling to minors was against the criminal code of Ontario let alone Canada. They never wrote back.

SO What can you do?

I was given a link to a wonderful net utility. All you have to do is type in the spammer’s website and all the info on email addresses to complain to. Nir Soft has a program called IPNetInfo v1.09 which nicely does ALL the work of tracking down who host the spammer’s site. The utility can be downloaded at and I must say It works! While I just started, I don’t think I’ll have spam for long. As long as others complain as well, spam will be history as it is in