The following was from an email from a friend and artist of 4 Koma Project, Taral Wayne.

It seems I may possibly have named some significant features of Titan.

November last year, when a radar “photo” of large region of Titan known as Shangri-La was posted at JPL’s website, I recognized an amusing resemblance of some bright features to a map of Europe, and e-mailed JPL to suggest they name three of the features Great Britain, Gaul, and Hispania. Naturally I never heard back.

Great Britian and Gaul

To my surprise, today I found a recent detailed radar map of an area of Shangri-La around a crater like object called Shikoku Facula had been labelled Great Britain.

Great Britian

No explanation. Perhaps a coincidence, or then again maybe my suggestions stuck. Should it develop that the other features are ever referred to as Gaul and Hispania, I think I can be reasonably sure I’m responsible. And unless I boast about it, nobody will ever know. Tsk.