I’ve started transferring the video from my Samsung miniDV camcorder. It has gone quite well and I’ve transferred raw footage from tape 2 and tape 3. Over 14 GIG of drive space of raw footage which will take 4 DVDr to backup. This doesn’t even include tape 1.

A 60 minutes tape translates into about 13 gig of files.

Unfortunely a few things I have found out. Some entries were loss in the transitions switching tapes. Tape 2 has entries 48 to 88. Tape 3 has Entries 91 and 92 with closing remarks of MC.

The other is the autofocus periodicly refocused during an act and sometimes the lights washed out some people.

Preliminary viewing I might be only posting a screen capture of some of the walk-on, walk-off entries. I’ll be trimming the other to bare essentials and use titling to convey the MC intros to safe webspace.

Next after backing up tape 2 & 3 to DVDr is raw encode tape 1 then back it up. I will trim the footage to cut overlap in footage then begin the process of trimming , titling and encoding for web. Select skits will be posted to YouTube.