It took up 27 gigs of drive space but the last of camcorder video footage from this year’s Anime North has been transferred. After I backup the raw video, I’ll will go over it all an trimmed down the video to it’s final format.

I’m alittle disappointed in the quality. I have alot more to learn until next year. I tried to conserve battery power on the first battery which only cut off some skits. Lucky I just let the tape run on early on in the taping. Rather than try to capture the MC in the video, I just centered on the stage and captured his introductions on audio. I’ll titled the video clips to cover the introductions. As stated before I’ll be looking at just screen captures of the walk-on Walk-off entries to conserve webspace as well as tie-in those entries who I already have pictures of taken during the day.
But for now it’s stack of DVDr to backup the files.