From an opening for a presentation I had to do today in front of a group of people…

“Today, the digital medium has become ‘The Media’. Leaving the movie, record, television and print industries reeling in it’s wake. For the internet, ordinary people have become the ‘new’ content providers. I have decided to step into this new medium.”

I proceeded to show all the equipment I had aquired over the years to create this digital medium. Various digital cameras, digital camcorder, card readers, portable DVD player, as well as other accessories.

I also talked how the technology has helped in able to record an event an show to someone else later. I also talked about taking family photos and burning them onto mini 8cm CDs. I was able to send out copies to rest of the family in their Christmas cards. Of course, I showed the group some of the clips of Anime North Masquerade, which I’m still in the process of editing.

I also started that buying top of the line for new technology is not necessary since the first time you have something new has it’s own ‘learning curve‘ to it. Also the accessories like more batteries, tapes, memory, upgrades needed to run said technology and of course taxes run about a third to a half of your total outlay. Also you can research consumer reports to find out which are lemons.

Also on the other foot, buying something too old has it problems of finding accessories down the road.

The key is knowing buying into digital will be a learning curve and also a risk. Like my sister, their computer hard drive crashed. Taking with it all the pictures she took. Knowing that digital is not safe media by any means having a way to backup your pictures and videos. Anything can breakdown or be lost or stolen.

The new age of digital is a risk but a worthwhile journey if taken in steps.

…and they thought I was going to take only about just anime. 🙂