A message from Avelia from OffCosplay …
Heya, I’m planning a free-for-all photoshoot =D

The following information holds true UNLESS otherwise specified (and this means if you would like to suggest changes and stuff, speak now or forever hold your peace =))

Date: July 8th (Saturday) <– weather permit
Time: 3pm – whenever?
Location: High Park meet at Colborne Lodge
TTC – Take the Bloor/Danforth subway line to High Park station and walk south through High Park (approximately 20 minute walk). Or, take the 501 streetcar (Humber/Long Branch) to Colborne Lodge Drive and walk a short distance up the road to the Lodge. For specific TTC route and schedule, information call 416-393-4636 (INFO) or visit the TTC on the web at www.ttc.ca.

By car:

From the west – Take The Queensway eastbound to Colborne Lodge Drive at the south entrance to High Park, turn north (left). Colborne Lodge is about 200 m up the hill immediately on the right-hand side of the road. Or, you can access the Lodge by going eastbound on Bloor Street West to the north entrance to High Park.

From the east – Take Lake Shore Boulevard West westbound to Colborne Lodge Drive. Turn north (right) and follow roadway into High Park. The Lodge is at the top of the hill on the right -hand side of the road approximately 200 m from the entrance to the park.


Apparently there are no change rooms but if there are enough needs, I can set up a temporary changing location (camp style XD)?

Make up:
From Yoshiko –> any $$ to help me buy make-up is good… i will do [people’s make up] if they wanna bum me a 5$ I know on the board

From Domo_kun –> I’ll see this as a reputation builder first before I make the leap to charged service
but of course, donations are always welcome

Please relay this post to any interested COSPLAYERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS =) the more the merrier

If we end up not having enough photographers. I guess we can do something else together while waiting? How about me bringing some cards and poker chips and play some good ol’ texas hold’em? XD

REPLY TO forums listed below AND SAY -AYE- IF YOU WANT IN =)

Please check with Aveila on cosplay.com forum or Anime Iku forum or SMA forum.