Practice should make perfect. In this case, it might make alot more.

Every year, you can find myself along with thousands of others at the Home County Folk Festival. What is aa guy who goes to anime conventions doing at a folk festival? One for food. Some of the best food around.

Two is the craftwork. Sadly over the years, alot of those who I use to know no longer are at Home County. But this year, Muma Harps has been a main stay for years and they have an artist, Jennifer White, who performs at their booth. While videotaping her performance, we talked about YouTube and my adventures of videotaping and photograhy at cons. I was able to download my footage and put to DVD for them as well as leave them a copy of my raw AVIs.

During the weekend, I found a strap for my tripod making it easier to carry all day. I took over 3 tapes full of footage, lots of concert and workshop performances. I manage not only to get permission to post on YouTube but also I got the performers websites so those viewing them would be able to find their sites.

I even made a DVD for one artist, Chris Whiteley. Along with his brother Ken Whiteley, I taped other artists like, The Rizdales, Swamperella, Great Uncles of the Revolution, and what has to be the wildest performance of Spiderman theme song, the PolyJesters.

Since not all my videoworks are cosplay or even remotely related to anime, I have a seperate account on YouTube. Check out MichaelEh on YouTube and see what I do when there isn’t cosplayers around.

If that wasn’t enough, there might be a chance to help out in regular vblog about folk musicians. For me, Practice doesn’t just make perfect. It makes opportunities.

So get out there and practice.