You think I get some rest during the long weekend to catch up on things…. No! With Balloonfest, Fringefest, Ribfest, there wasn’t a thing that was anime related so I could relax. So I thought …

There was another event running which would have passed my eye except for one of the artists was Rachel Gebaver from Beal Anime Club. She was participating it Expressions in Chalk at or in the parking lot of St Peter’s Cathedral. Quite interesting that her subject was religious … Hild from Ah My Goddess.

Rachel’s wasn’t the only entry. There was couple featured artists from the States and one poor artist who’s camera and bag were stolen during the weekend but she won best in show for her seadragon.

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I ended up giving a CDr of my pictures to the organizers to use on their website and will be sending out pictures of Tania’s work. She lost all her progress photos.While watching this going on, I thought how cool it would be to do this at AnimeNorth. To see the other photos of this event and other information on streetpainting go to Imadon for workshop info and next year’s event.