For some reason, I’m filled with anxiety before the big con. There was alots of prep work to do. Preforming the webpages for the photos, videos and reports to go into. I finally have pages just to deal with DV (Digital Video) for the con that will be posted on YouTube. Recharging the batteries (all five, six if you count my cellphone.)

Already before I even leave town the con is expensive as Greyhound is giving no discounts ($75 instead of $54) for Labour Day weekend. Since it’s also end of month it’s rent due time and so is buspass renewal. This is going to hurt the pocketbook no matter how I look at it.

Still I go because it’s one of my only luxuries and a way to meet those I meet, every year, every event. Regular events builds friendships. Cons, festivals … some people I only get to meet once a year. It’s a chance to be part of the external community. An excuse to get out.

In past I have ony let Anime London be part of the anime con circuit but more and more I realize that Anime London is part of the community and my life. I’ve found that people who have no interest in anime are still interested in this site and what I do.

Like photography, I take more than just cons but people like the pictures and videos on this site. Not becaues it’s anime but because they’re pictures of people’s lives at cons. Having a good time in sun and rain, striking pose or just stuff that we walk by and never really notice. As a photographer, I record more than just cosplay. I record a moment of life for some.

I’m there for the people who make up the con, not the guests, the panels or the showings or even the promoters. For me, those out there who attend are the event… not the event itself.

Maybe that is why I didn’t see Con no Baka as a failure. Sure it closed down but the people were the event for me, and you all are no failure …

… see you at the con. 🙂