Fan Expo was okay but I do think that everyone was dead tired from having to walk to the South Building for three days. I must admit that my previous post, Night before Fan Expo was prophetic in that SO many of you voiced your support of this site and the content on it. In truth, you all supply the content of this site, I merely supply it. You, the fans, are the event at Fan Expo for me. Not the guests or the shows.
I had people who I took pictures of years ago, thank me for the pictures. Frankly it’s just a drop in the bucket of the photos actually taken at shows like Fan Expo or AnimeNorth or other events. Just I make mine available back to those I take.

Even the artist alley, both amateur and pro showed their support though this year I scaled back The 4 Koma Project. Still The project has proven it’s worth and one artist, Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine plans to use 4 Koma Project to further teach his young art students storytelling skills through this unique Japanese comic strip format.

I did manage to learn from my mistakes at AnimeNorth Masquerade and was able to switch tapes and batteries more swiftly between skits rather than gamble and let them run out. I have previewed some of the output and it looks okay. The stage lighting on left (stage right) was pretty well nonexistant. I will try to get at the video quickly but Anime North took weeks and it was a month after the event before they were posted on YouTube.

First will be 4 komas done then onto the processing all the pictures then onto the video. I will keep you posted on the progress.