At Fan Expo I got only three 4 koma pages done by artists. It wasn’t that the artists weren’t willing. In fact, some comic book pros were wondering if I was going to include them. There were many past 4 Koma artists as well. I stuck mostly to those I hadn’t yet done a 4 koma with.

Avatar - Geneviene G. Tan

Does this mean an end of the 4 Koma Project?

Not likely, 4 Koma remains immensely popular with artists. It’s just that 4 Koma took up alot of time at cons to run. Unless I got to people early Friday or latest Saturday afternnoon, most artists were tied down with commissions. This left me scrambling Sunday to find even a few to finish the last panels.

On Sunday, I returned to my original challenge and asked artists to draw myself an Avatar. An avatar is the little icon graphic used in forums to identify a poster. I’ll post the results of ten artists ideals of what my avatar should be … later.

For now enjoy Fan Expo’s 4 komas.