Universal Music blasts YouTube, MySpace
ALEX VEIGA – Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Universal Music Group, the world’s largest record company, contends the wildly popular Web sites YouTube and MySpace are violating copyright laws by allowing users to post music videos and other content involving Universal artists.

“We believe these new businesses are copyright infringers and owe us tens of millions of dollars,” Universal Music CEO Doug Morris told investors Wednesday at a conference in Pasadena. “How we deal with these companies will be revealed shortly.”

FULL ARTICLE – Globe and Mail

In the article, UMG has given YouTube and MySpace until the end of the month to pony up their money or else. What was once music videos that were free promotional is now pay for view. What the F?

The record industry has continued on this action on the bets that we can’t do without their cele’brat’y artists who make even the worse of Idol series look good. They truly believe the world owes them a living. It’s gotten to the point that they’re taxing us for blank CD and DVD even if their content is not even ever see the light of the burner laser. I have to pay them to backup my pictures of the con?

I have emailed YouTube staff saying those who truly supply our own content don’t need their music. For those AMVs that do use this companies music in their AMVs that they should repost their AMVs without audio with the words, Silence by the Industry.

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