Those who surf this site know of our on going battle for our name, Anime London, with a certain con promoter from England. We have posted disclaimers that we have anything to do with this event or have given permission in the use of our name.

In turn, I have been going full tilt trying to get our name and our website out there with some encouraging results. However, recently it got sticky when a British anime fan asked me if I knew of any anime cons in England she could go to. Normally a question I would have difficulty to answer being in Canada. Instead I explain our situation and pointed her to’s UK section for information. I didn’t really want to tick off an innocent fan because of our dispute.

It might be moot.

I recently heard that the name of the con is now being refered to as Japan EX London or Japan EX UK. Interesting that Japan Expo is mostly funded by a French manga/anime publisher, Taifu Comics/IDP. There is also a Japan Expo in Los Angelos which has more to do with Japanese culture than anime.

I for one would welcome this change that our name be left alone. Still in the months of trying to promote our name amoung the community that I’ve met more and more acceptance of ‘anime’ as a cultural icon.

Still I had cancelled alot of projects we were persuing due to fact of someone else using our name. One of them being a podcast which died because I couldn’t guaratntee if that would be stolen as well.
In the end as it is at the cons we attend, it’s the fans, not the con organiztion nor the guests nor what being shown that has stand out over the years. I hope that animelondon[dot]ca will be there as well in the future.