It was great luck in finding a full computer just sitting on the curb during trash day. It was 266MHz with the 128meg RAM I needed to fix a friend’s old 500MHz machince which was being used as workstation.

It was even greater luck that there was also a motherboard with CPU and memory. Actually 2.66GHz P4 with 512meg RAM … working. Downloading the drivewrs off the net then plugging it into the case where I had my old 700MHz machine. Lucky I bought a newer case that had the support for newer motherboards.

Well… not all was lucky. Due to wrong pinouts for the front USB connectors on the motherboard, I fried my external 2gig harddrive. Sigh.

Still I haven’t seen a real speed difference and have been busy tweaking the system.

I looking at upgrading the forum to more anime theme, upgrading the blog software and other things.

Unfortunely I’ve let slip posting the masquerade from Fan Expo. Drive space on the other computer in spite of cleaning over 40gig is getting tight. I’ve had to delete raw footage once it’s posted. Don’t worry, it’s backed up.

With all these upgrades, you think I be done.


I had to upgrade the club poster to post in town.