Well, I have completed a club tradition that has lasted for years and now 4 locations…. the moving of our old TV set to our new location… Worlds Away.

Originally the old dial turner TV was a ‘find’ whih only required a new fuse. I had spray painted the back of the set a putrid flourscent green paint and inscribed the words ‘ANIME LONDON’ on the top then placed it in Imperial Hobbies so our past president, Rob wouldn’t have to drag his TV set to every meeting.

With moving to Mavericks we still used the TV set even when Mavericks themselves moved to new location to Richmond Street.

When Mavericks closed down one of our members got us the Underground location which had it’s own TV set. The ‘Anime London’ TV sat unused in the back until we (and everyone else) was given notice to leave.

Today, the set moved to our new location, Worlds Away, 666 Dundas Street. Yes, Six Sixty Six. It sits on a shelf in the basement.

I did tests to see if we can use Worlds Away TV set without distrubing their own setup. Thankfully with some work, it can. So we will be meeting first time, Sundays from 12:30 to 3:30pm. Doors open 12 noon.

First meeting tenatively Sunday Novemeber 12th.