I must admit, I prefer Dailymotion over Youtube. In less than 24 hours, I was able to catch up with uploads from Youtube to entry 50 easily. The uploading process on DailyMotion is so much smoother. With less competition with 100’s of thousands of other videos on Youtube, the videos are getting better play quicker than Youtube. Not only that but ‘groups’ are easier to setup as folders for videos than Youtube.

Of course, DailyMotion is lesser known video sharing site. With everyone beating on Youtube, that may not be a bad thing. I will continue processing the masquerade videos and posting them on both sites.

ShinRa Turk on DailyMotion
ShinRa Turk on Youtube

The same video was uploaded to both sites. Thumbnails posted here are the ones created by each site. To compair traffic. X-Men at the Roxbury had 26 views in 3 days, 16 views in one hour on Dailymotion.