One thing that always puzzled me was that Akon in Texas has skating rink in the hotel where it’s held. I thought why doesn’t Canada have cosplay ice skating?

For the past few days, I’ve been talking to people about getting together at a public skating rink in costume with JPop music. At this moment, it looks like open air rink at the Covent Garden Market is the best bet. If we go with Victoria Park, it will require going through city hall.
Though it can’t be an ‘event’ because then we will be required to have issurance. As long as we are willing to be part of a ‘public skate’ open to everyone, it’s okay. If it’s ‘sponsored’ by a club then it will require insurrance. Both Neo Tokyo and Worlds Away are suportive of the idea and we may even have the press there for some photo ops.

There is still details to iron out. Couple standing rules are no props on the ice and no weapons, replicas, fake on or off the ice. Also being outdoors, we’re at the mercy of the weather. That also means that the ice itself might not be the best. If we end up with a mild winter there may be no ice at all.
Tentatively, we’re some weekend in January as long as it doesn’t conflict with Anime Film day planned for some day in January. December is out due to Christmas and holiday skaters. February is out because 3 weekends are already booked solid.

We’ll keep you posted as details are available.