Well it’s nearly 11 PM and I’m finally back from December Toronto Anime Con. There was tons of people who all tried to get into the dealers room to start their Christmas shopping with anime and manga.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough DVDs of the Fan Expo masquerade to hand out. Gomen. Some were glad to get a DVD which is okay to copy but not for sale, rent or auction.

I did meet one the Black Moon group who actually wishing she could show to the Cosplay Skate here in London when whenever it happens.

“Nothing in Orillia” she said.

I think it’s just a matter of finding people though I’ve never been to Orillia. With practically 8-10 anime clubs officially in London if you count those registered at Neo Tokyo, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a group in Orillia.

I took 225 pictures but they all fit on one 512M card. I did break out the camcorder for some pans of the dealer room but only used the memory stick as oppose to using tape.

Not having alot of cash, I finally decided on a ‘real’ poseable anime action figure as oppose to all the ‘inaction’ figs which were everywhere. There was massive amount of manga available…. more than DVDs at this event.

One of the treats at this con was Andrew Nagy of Ill-Intent (4 Koma Project artist) and Risu-chan from our forum both showed up near the end. We ended up going to neat small Japanese restaurant on Younge street which hasn’t fallen into the sushi trap.

I hope everyone else had a good time. I’ll have to leave more for the con report.