Well… here’s the deal.

Date is set as January 20th 1pm to 3 pm at the Covent Garden Market outdoor skating rink. This is a PUBLIC skate so we’ll be skating with the mundanes.

We’ll have to bring our own music and our own music system. I have a ghettoblaster for this purpose. Wheither we can get an electric outlet is another matter, might have to run off batteries. I’ll be prepping a couple of CDs with a fix mix.

(I’m not happy since I’ll be babysitting the music to prevent someone stealing the ghetto. Yes, it has happen at other events at the Market. Make sure any gear you have be not left unattended, we’ll not be responsible for it.)

Because of insurrance issues, this is NOT an event, just a meet. We would have to buy the insurrance. $$$. NO PROPS on ICE! NO WEAPONS or PROPS that look like a WEAPON PERIOD!

If the rink is close there is an upstairs seating area we can go to. There is a Japanese restaurant in the Market with anime stuff for sale.

Cameras. Avoid taking pictures of other people. We still have the infamous incident where security took cameras from tourists at Storybook Gardens (theme park). They sued, they won, they still haven’t got back their camera.

Hopefully if there is about dozen show this would be success. If others wish to setup their own in Toronto or elsewhere. Be my guest.