I do now own a laptop… an old laptop…. a REAL OLD laptop but a laptop. Sharp, 150MHz, 64meg ram, 10 gig drive which it can’t see. So a friend installed 2000 so it would see 10 gig. At least it has a USB port, a single USB port. The battery doesn’t hold a charge and the AC adaptor is flaky. It runs… just runs.

Sound is terrible but then I have an external sound card… USB. No NIC but I have a NIC card… USB. So what use is it? Well I can put a firewire card and connect the camcorder. At least, I can try timelapse photography with it…. oh ya, the battery doesn’t work. Need an extension cord….a LONG extension cord.

I could use it to edit pictures, I guess. Oh ya, no CD burner on the laptop. Sigh. Video? forget it.

Still no doubt I’ll find a use for it.