Well with Christmas dinners under way, (I head soon to a friend’s place for today), I wish all a safe and happy (no in-fighting) holiday.

I will be posting over the holidays some old school anime classics as our one shots for the Virtual Anime Club.

For those who have no clue of what the Virtual Anime Club (VAC) is. It is a weekly posting of videos off Youtube. (We post the links to the shows. We don’t post the shows themselves.) Too get the weekly listing you need to register to access the VAC.

Christmas Day’s old school post is TOUCH which was immensely popular during it’s run. It’s about a trio who grows up only to find that one of them has grown from a tomboy into a girl. This blog posting is a onetime posting.

Merry Christmas

TOUCH episode 1
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The following is a listing of YouTube posts that consist of one episode of a series. One shot means we will watch only the first episodes. People are free to follow these series on their own. Please support the offical release when available.

YouTube TIPS
Some might be more ‘readabe’ if enlarge to full screen. Sometimes it’s best to pause to allow the video to transfers to complete. If choppy try clearing your cache and defragging your drive.

‘Anime London’ itself nor it’s members post these videos onto YouTube. Nor do we condone or encourage their posting. Nor do we able to acertain their quality or validness. Nor do we insure that these links are valid. We’re merely viewing exsisting resources viewable publicly on the web for the point of discussion on this forum.

Feel free to join us in the forums.