Well with Anime London being too close to half gig mark, I started crunching numbers. Not that you out there will notice. I recompressed some of the jpegs in the review section which which took some 600K off the space. I was hoping that PNG would drop some bytes but 15K jpeg became a 146K PNG. No thanks.

While I look at other byte-saving means of keeping cosplay galleries online I put up two no anime or cosplay related videos. Have to keep in practice and winter has it’s own challenges. Usually I keep my other video private but here is two which I uploaded recently.

Obviously Christmas is a time of giving but also lights. Some people have little while some people go through more and more each year. I makes me wonder where they put their stuff when the season is over. There are several places that people just drive by then there is Victoria Park display which I went back to record close up.

Christmas lights in London, Ontario

For those in London, Ontario, this month’s only snowfall was dramatic. Around 2 feet of snow fell overnight here, leaving everything shutdown. I ended helping a friend dig out their cars and I took a video of their backyard.

Backyard somewhere under 2 feet of snow

I used Memory Stick Pro with my Samsung camcorder which allows better quality video over just plain Memory Stick though no where near that of miniDV tape. 512M MSpro equates into 12 mintues of video. The only real problem is SC-D353 sticks into autofocus using stick which means it is constantly refocusing. I can manually focus with tape. Still it’s a quick a cheap way of taking practice shots. This is good considering a friend who bought a more expensive camcorder that only saves pictures to SD memory card.