It was over two years ago I started the bento OTAKU section on Anime London. The intent was to bring snippets of Japanese culture and other tidbits that were sent to me by a friend in Japan.

It was always interesting to see what odditity would come my way and try to make an article out of it. Sadly I have not kept up with bento OTAKU and the secion has gathered dust and neglect over the past year.

To that, I hate to say the quirky section of Anime London is dead. Dead but not gone. As if by some Monty Python skit, bento will have new life on this blog. I’m in the process of transferring each article over to the blog under the bento category.

I’ll be postdating the articles to match the original posts when they were made. Tedious task but worth the effort. From there , with the blog software, I can actually upkeep bento (OTAKU) in a more timely matter.

The first article, Saru Saru Go Away!, has been transfered and I hope to have the rest transfered by New Year.