I’ve finished completing the translations of original bentoOTAKU html pages over to blog posts. While I still have work to do in redirecting every html page over to the new reality, I left some resemblance of the original pages up so I’m not forever re-encoding the entire site.

The old pages will exist while the search engines to readjust to. It does mean that I will be able to write new bento articles without having to rewrite everything. Since the original posts have been back dated to when they were originally written, newbies may want to check out these old gems. Here is a list of those posts.




  • Digi-Clik! Digimon figures cross over to clik based game.
  • Mini Gundam Game? With all the miniature figs Bandai puts out, why isn’t there a miniature combat game for them?



I will be adding more articles in the coming year. Enjoy!