… or is it ‘up in the air’.

It seems every year that I start preparing how the coming year’s convention pages will look. What it usually means for the most part is re-writing alot of webpages. This year, video put a dent into the website with Youtube and later Dailymotion. I started looking at making changes to way the whole process of posting convention reports, photos and videos.

One of the ways is Qdig or Quick Digital Image Gallery. It has been anything but quick in trying to get it work. We’re still running tests and along with it, I’ll be posting March or Spring Toronto Anime Con or at least, a mock up of the section leading up to March 17th.

Also we’ll be include intergrating blog along with PHP rather than the old hardcoded HTML pages. Also a friend is interested in helping making the change happen. I still have alot of coding to do before even uploading the test pages with last year’s pictures as a test bed.

We release the test directory name once we have it up and running.