Well I’ve taken the leap into converting over to PHP. With the blog and forum as well as gallery script I’m going to be using written in PHP, it made sense to use this new language.

Not without some pain….

I manage to get the basic page navigation for convention event uploaded and debugged. Not bad for haven’t programmed for a decade or more. Mind you it took most of the evening to workout greying out the buttons when switching pages. Damn syntax. Not to mention learning how to mix html coding with PHP.

I was surprised on how smooth the internal page navigation works now though most of the pages have nothing on them yet. Well that is until I hit the contact button on the bottom. Shocked

Okay, I need to code some more. Wink

Until then, you can check out what will be this year’s Spring TAC pages …

Spring TAC 2007

No doubt as I add the gallery script there will be even MORE errors.