Even though I cancelled the Cosplay Skate, I decided to dust off my old pair of skates and head down to the Covent Garden Market rink away. My music was from a CD player and pair of PC speakers I stuck in the side pouches of my backpack. I lasted about 30 feet on the ice before my feet cried no more for pair of skates I haven’t worn since I was a teen. Just as well, my CD player batteries died faster in the cold.

I headed to Tanakaya for some warm miso soup then went back to rink. As I was coming back in, I notced a table of girls with some familar dolls I been seeing at anime conventions more and more.

Pictures of fan’s dolls

The top group of pictures were dolls about 18 inches tall while the bottom picture was dolls only 6-8 inches tall. The trio of girls were just meeting together showing their dolls when I came by. They had mail ordered all of their dolls, their clothes and the wigs.
It seems to me this hobby is growing that there is relatively none or little North American suppliers. Though I not certain if the regular North Amercian doll collector crowd has really looked at this current trend. Maybe because the dolls are not that of traditional dolls. Still the local doll stores should look at this new injection of new blood for it’s future.

This might make things easier if a existing doll stores takes up cause of bringing imports of doll parts from Japan. Enough stores might help get a distributor for these products.
It was fun to meet another segment of the anime community. No doubt, we’ll be seeing more of these dolls in the conventions this year.

– editted Jan 27, 2007