Yes it’s been over 5 months and I finally got around to posting the masquerade videos on our site. They have been up on both Youtube and Dailymotion for months. It was the problem on how to setup pages for 69 videos from two online video sites. That would mean encoding hundreds of pages. Not an easy task.

This year, I’m been trying out PHP and other software. With mixed results. I still don’t have seperate pages for each video. I’m still trying to program it so one page for each video service can be written. Not easy I must say. Once the head banging is over and the new pages to work, it will be alot easier to get both images and videos posted.

In fact, I will be able to post the videos as they are uploaded as oppose to waiting until they’re all done to make the pages.

Until then, enjoy the Fan Expo Canada 2006 Masquerade… finally!